• Jose Alonso Munoz

Jose & Tiana Watch: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, Episode 8

Each week, Tiana and I will be discussing The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. True to the series' namesake, we'll be picking out our best and worst fashion from each episode, as well as giving you a play-by-play, and finishing off with some overall thoughts. ~Spoilers ahead!~.

In Episode 8, we see a young Andrew and his relationship with his father who was a disgraced stock broker who fled to Manila after stealing money from his clients.

Best/Worst Fashion:

TD: Best was that dress Gianni's mom was working on in the very beginning that he was drawing. Worst was the dress that Andrew's mom wore to the prep school interview.

JM: Worst for me was the dress Gianni's teacher was wearing. I feel like my best is going to be controversial, but I was here for the red jumpsuit Andrew wore to that house party. Mainly because of how confidently he was able to carry that. Similar to Donatella in that iconic bondage inspired dress from last week's episode.

Let's jump in...

TD: The beginning of this episode is so misleading. I thought it was going to be more about Gianni. Like, fuck yasss! But then it's all about Andrew. And seriously, this episode is all about Andrew's daddy issues. The actual worst kind of daddy issues.

JM: Can I just say, if you give your child the master bedroom, he's gonna become a serial killer. Also, I kind of felt cheated this episode. When it ended I kept expecting there to be more.

TD: Yeah, it started off so interesting, and then went downhill so fast.

JM: I found it interesting how they contrasted Andrew's relationship with his father, and Gianni's relationship with his mother.

TD: Agreed.

JM: Both are trying to provide for their sons, but they do it in such different ways.

TD: I think the parallel could have been better. Gianni was only in the beginning and then it was all Andrew. I think the episode could have done way better at comparing the two with more of Gianni's storyline. The point was made. Both were given the tools to succeed. Just one of them had clearly better success.

JM: I do agree. I would have loved more Gianni. I found that whole scene with his mom to be the best part of this episode.

TD: 100%. So...were they trying to coney that Andrew's dad abused him?

JM: You know, that's what I got. They probably left it vague on purpose.

TD: Icky. That whole character was a fucking mess. And not in a good way.

Jm: I really struggle with how the creators of this show feel about Andrew. Based on this episode, we get to learn a lot about why Andrew had these delusions of grandeur. I mean, in that first scene his dad tells him that this house they're moving out of isn't good enough for him. Then buys him a car (when he isn't even old enough to drive).

TD: And gives him the master bedroom.

JM: It really felt like they were giving the audience the background to say, "That's why Andrew killed these people. His dad made him this way."

TD: DADDY ISSUES. He didn't kill his dad. So he's making up for it.

JM: I think one of the themes this episode was choice. Andrew's dad made a choice to lie when he got hung up on at his job. Then he made several choices to steal money from his clients, and flee. Andrew made the choice to lie when the grocery store owner asked him what his dad did. I don't know, I just struggle with justifying Andrew's horrible actions as a character flaw. Maybe that's just me. But, like, a lot of people have daddy issues and don't kill people. Am I being too harsh?

TD: No, that makes sense.

JM: It just felt like this episode was such a justification for Andrew's actions. If Andrew was Andrew and just didn't kill anyone, he'd be at worst kind of annoying to be around. But, he's all of those things, AND a murderer.

Final Thoughts:

JM: I'm excited about the last episode. Given how the season has gone, however, I feel like they're going to cram a lot into the last episode. I really have no other comments on this episode, other than I didn't need this deep of a dive. That's just me.

TD: I appreciated that this episode strayed a bit from the direction it was going in. But it wasn't completely what I expected. From the way things started, it seemed we were going to get more of the parallel between Gianni and Andrew. That would have been interesting. But I understand the decision to focus more on Andrew, since that what the whole show was about. While I was annoyed with the Andrew-heaviness of the show, I kind of wanted to see him in the tween stages. Like it went from (presumably) 12 year old Andrew to high school age. He shot up from 0-100 on the annoying scale. Papa Cunnanen is a diiiick. And fucking crazy. I feel so bad for the mom and the other kids (PS what happened to them). I'm kind of happy the show is ending. I'm getting to fed up with Andrews character. Excited to see how they end things though!