• Jose Alonso Munoz

Jose & Tiana Watch: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, Episode 7

Each week, Tiana and I will be discussing The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. True to the series' namesake, we'll be picking out our best and worst fashion from each episode, as well as giving you a play-by-play, and finishing off with some overall thoughts. ~Spoilers ahead!~.

In Episode 7 we go back to Milan as Gianni is building Donatella's confidence to take over the business one day. Meanwhile, we get to see Andrew just before he moved out of the apartment he shares with his mom.

We can all agree that the iconic bondage dress Gianni makes for Donatella was the best fashion, so without further hesitation, let's jump right into this week's recap.

TD: I really wish the show focused more on the Versace family. The first scene with Gianni and Donatella was really interesting. I want there to be a show about the Versace empire. (Let's make special note of that belt as a choker!)

JM: I thought of you during that scene with the choker. Your brand.

TD: LOL Blessed. This scene where Andrew is like "who do you think people think we are?" He is so exhausting.

JM: How tragic was it that Gianni was preparing Donatella for his death, and then he gets murdered?

TD: So Sad. :(

JM: What did you think about Andrew and Jeff's friendship this episode? Like, when Andrew met him at that bar? They seemed to have a genuine moment between friends.

TD: Omg...

JM: Where they hugged and Andrew seems happy for Jeff as he leaves the bar with that guy they met.

TD: ...but Andrew and Jeff's relationship was fine...it seemed really great actually.

JM: Maybe I'm projecting, but they did seem to be friends.

TD: Oh, absolutely.

JM: My criticism for this week is that we're starting to learn so much about Andrew that his narrative is getting too messy.

TD: Agreed. It's like they're getting too complicated and turning into a whole separate show. It's like they're not trying to wrap up the show at all.

JM: I was fine with some of that because it showed Andrew as a layered character, but it is starting to lose it's direction. Although, can I say, one of the exciting pieces of Andrew's story this episode was seeing him in his job as a cashier?

TD: Yes, definitely. It showed the basis of his story. And, it looks like next week we're going back to high school?

JM: I feel like we can be done with going back in Andrew's life. At this point I think the writers of this show find Andrew to be more interesting than Andrew found himself. Which is saying a a lot.

TD: I'm definitely done with his story. And agreed. They found something in his story that they could run with.

JM: I want to talk about the scene where Donatella and Gianni get into a fight over the dress Gianni made her not selling. I'm curious how much of that was based in fact, but it showcased Donatella as the driving force behind helping her brother understand the commerce side of fashion. Not to mention, how she really challenged him to consider the fact that comfort might be something a woman wants out of her clothes.

TD: Yass. You get it! That proved that she would run the company. But I felt bad for him. It was showing that he can't run the company as well as he thought.

Final Thoughts:

JM: I can be done going back in time. I can be done peeling back the layers of Andrew. What I would be really happy with now is the Donatella story, and showing how strong she is as a fashion icon, and business woman. In many ways, we've been fed this caricature version of Donatella that it's a missed opportunity to not really showcase the layers she has. I'm realizing a lot of my favorite moments in this show have been how she's been able to persevere through hardship. From her introduction in episode one identifying her brother's body, to making the decision not to take the company public, and now this episode.

TD: I'm actually kind of ready for this show to be done. I personally just don't like how much they dive into Andrew. In earlier episode I was confused and wanted to learn more about Andrew, but I'm over it now.