• Jose Alonso Munoz

Jose & Tiana Watch: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, Episode 3

Each week, Tiana and I will be discussing The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. True to the series' namesake, we'll be picking out our best and worst fashion from each episode, as well as giving you a play-by-play, and finishing off with some overall thoughts. ~Spoilers ahead!~

In episode 3, Andrew makes his way to Chicago to kill his third victim, Chicago real estate developer Lee Miglin, and steals a couple cars. We also get to see a lot of Judith Light.

Best Fashion:

Tiana: Marilyn (Judith Light's) pink blazer

Jose: That Joanne-pink blazer we see on Judith Light, with an honorable mention to that blue Versace jacket we see when Andrew explores a Versace store.

Worst Fashion:

Jose: Honestly, most of the fashion in this episode was all relatively underwhelming, nothing really stood out as particularly bad. I don't even know if I have a worst fashion...

Tiana: I definitely don't. This was a pretty boring episode as far as the fashion went.

This episode seemed a little slow, so we decided to change things up a little bit. Here are some of our standout movements from tonight's episode...

TD: Okay, I'm starting more and more to understand. Andrew clearly goes for powerful men, befriends them, and then kills them. He has a short man complex.

JM: I feel like I know Andrew more after this episode. I think you said it perfectly when you mentioned why he sought out this guy to murder.

TD: At the beginning of the show, I was so confused as to what his motives were. Now it's so clear. It's his inferiority complex.

JM: This was the first time I noticed that Andrew was outright mean. Did I miss it before, or am I right?

TD: You mean other than killing people?

JM: I mean, obviously that's implied, but more so how he was belittling Lee Miglin. Lee was just trying to connect and tell Andrew about his skyscraper, and Andrew was just tearing him down. Pointing out how he didn't have funding, etc.

TD: Omg, yes, you're right.

JM: Can we talk about how fantastic Judith Light was in this episode?

TD: So good. I fear we will never really know if she actually liked her husband cause she never talked to people she was close to. The cop, the HSN lady...

JM: Okay, I'm so torn. At the beginning of the episode, I thought she knew and was fine with, the distance between her and her husband. Like, when she asks if he remembers the color of their first boutique, and he doesn't. Then how after the police arrive on the scene of his murder, she's super calm. But, then at the end, when she talks about their relationship and how he believed in her dream, it seems like it was more of a friendship. A part of me wants her to have known about his male escorts.

TD: I still don't think I buy it. Haha. Maybe that makes me cynical, but it's like she did that just for the money. She knew it would help her sell more perfume. Sadly, I don't think we will see more of this storyline.

JM: Yeah, I don't think so. I do think it was a stand out performance for just one episode.

TD: Oh, absolutely!

Final Thoughts:

Tiana: I'm kind of a fan of how the show hints at itself. Like it doesn't try to be subtle about certain clues. Like that red truck. You knew he was going to steal it because you've seen it before. It make me want to start paying more attention to the details. Are we missing anything important.

Jose: This episode was kind of slow for me. I remember texting you saying how it's halfway through the episode and not much has happened. That being said, I need Judith Light to get an Emmy for her performance. This was really her episode. I'm sure that was done on purpose by Ryan Murphy and crew, and it's probably why it felt slow.