• Jose Alonso Munoz

Jose & Tiana Watch: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, Episode 2

Each week, Tiana and I will be watching (and discussing) The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. True to the series' namesake, we'll be picking out our best and worst fashion from each episode, as well as giving you a play-by-play, and finishing off with some overall thoughts. ~Spoilers ahead!~

In episode 2, we learn more about Donatella and Antonio's tumultuous relationship, we also get some background in the search for Andrew Cunanan, as well as some weird duct tape fantasies.

Best Fashion:

Tiana: Donatella's black jacket. I'm a sucker for gold and black. Also, Gianni's lace shirt.

Jose: Donatella in the red dress with the asymmetrical gold zipper. I feel like I'm gonna be very Donatella bias this entire season. That black and gold jacket was a close second.

Worst Fashion:

Tiana: The hotel clerk was the worst. But, honestly, if I worked at a skeezy motel, I wouldn't care what I wore either.

Jose: The hotel clerk's in that night gown, so same.

Gianni and Antonio in the hospital

TD: Not here for Ricky's (Antonio's) hair.

JM: Omg I was gonna say the same thing. Also, he has a dead relative? How Joanne.

TD: Okay, hold on. Gianni's sick?

JM: Apparently. Will fact check.**

**Gianni's portrayal as HIV-positive is a point of contention with the Versace family. The reporter who covered the search for Andrew Cunanan at Vanity Fair (and wrote the book that this American Crime Story is based on), spoke to a Miami Beach detective on the record, who stated that tests on Gianni's blood after his death came back as him being HIV-positive.

Back at Gianni's mansion, Donatella joins Gianni and Antonio

JM: I NEED that jacket!

TD: Seriously, slay. I wish I could wear all black all the time.

JM: I know, same. With her gold accents. Ugh, slay.

TD: Ooooooh, yes, come through gold accent again.

JM: She's really so fucking iconic

TD: Boss bitch for sure

JM: Like, Versace is so extravagant and lavish, but Donatella is really classic

TD: Seriously.

JM: The fashion is already better than the last episode and it's been less than 10 minutes.

Donatella and Antonio fight

TD: Why don't Antonio and Donatella like each other?

JM: Seems like she blames him. I think she blamed him for Gianni getting sick.

TD: Okay, that makes sense.

JM: Also, I guess Antonio not giving her brother what he wanted (kids, stability, etc.)

Gianni's body being readied for "presentation"

JM: How creepy would it be to have the job of putting make-up on a corpse.

TD: This dramatic ass reveal of the suit.

JM: Those lips (Donatella's). Kylie Jenner could never.

TD: Kylie wishes.

JM: How commonplace is it to cremate IN A CASKET?

TD: I have no idea.

JM: I need answers! Seems like so much work to dress him etc. for that.

TD: Also. "Vaglia" means luggage. Bus I swear it said vagina.

JM: LOL. Okay, Italian speaking ass.

Andrew changing the plates on a car...at Wal-Mart

JM: Oh god, Wal-Mart.

TD: South Carolina? Is this where he is going to kill someone else?

JM: The only thing sadder than Wal-Mart, is an empty Wal-Mart in the 90s.

TD: Too true. Ugh, that smile. So creepy. Bus he's gorgeous. I'm conflicted.

JM: He's pulling off those glasses. Him changing it to another radio station when they talk about the police looking for him in relation to a murder is a mood. Like, oh, negative information? NOPE. I refuse.

TD: He's so nonchalant. I mean. That's how I deal with my bank account. Ignore it.

JM: HAHA...Also, why do murderers always drive pick-up tricks? Like, Yolanda Salazar was found in a truck after she killed Selena.

Andrew checks into a motel upon arriving in Miami

TD: I can't with how calm he is. Psychopath.

JM: You know I'm a sucker for a nice person with a smile. AKA I'm dead as fuck. Also, he's a fashion student with that shirt?

TD: Boy. She doesn't care about all of this!

JM: What is she wearing?

TD: Nightgown? She doesn't give a FUCK. I like her.

Andrew buys a disposable camera and takes pictures of Gianni's mansion

JM: I love those gates. Let me buy a house and have those gates.

TD: Omg what is he doing with these pictures!

JM: Vision board?

The FBI talks to a Miami Beach Police detective about searching for Andrew

JM: This detective knowing all the gay bars. Girl knows how to have a good time.

TD: Yes yes yes.

JM: "Predatory escort" Changing my LinkedIn profile

Andrew meets Ronnie (max Greenfield)


JM: Too long. I need Armie Hammer length

TD: Contender for worst outfit. Haha bless Armie Hammer.

JM: Let's take a moment to appreciate.

TD: *moment of silence*

TD: I want someone to tell Max about his lopsided mustache. Also, I can't tell if Andrew is lying. Probably.

JM: Honestly, they need to stop with the mustaches. And, yeah, I assume everything he says is BS

TD: Good assumption.

JM: So many lies

TD: I wonder what his motive is.

JM: I read something from one of the detectives that said he thought Andrew was motivated by fame.

TD: That makes sense, like when he just said "someone like me," when talking about a creator.

Andrew picks up an older gentleman and got back to his hotel room

JM: I'm never gonna look at duct tape the same.

TD: The duct tape. This is making me uncomfortable.

JM: I am so uncomfortable, but like, yeah eat that steak. Also, he lies about the most mundane things. Like lobster lunches.

TD: Please. But can we talk about how I need to be able to just down a glass of champagne, drop the glass, and leave?

*the older man calls the police*


JM: Imagine that call to the cops.

TD: Like what was he going to say? He didn't want to embarrass himself.

JM: Yeah, "picked up an escort and I was almost killed."

Donatella walks in on Gianni getting his models ready for his last fashion show

JM: I wanna walk in someplace and say "Can you give us the room?" Adding that to my 2018 goals.

TD: I support you. I wish they were speaking in Italian right now.

Gianni's last fashion show, as Donatella looks on

JM: Not really here for that short wedding dress

TD: Nope. I didn't love any of those dresses. Donatella's was better.

JM: Yes, I agree. The crosses were tacky, but on brand.

TD: I wish I knew more about fashion.

JM: Well, if you want a fashion history lesson real quick: Him ending his show with a wedding gown is a very traditional way to end a couture show. It's been around for decades.

TD: What would I do without you?

JM: My wealth of gay facts is really endless.

Back to Andrew and Ronnie in the motel room

TD: With the fucking duct tape again.

JM: Is duct tape his Tide Pods?

TD: How was the other homeboy just like, "Yeah, okay. Go ahead and shower, duct tape head."

Antonio and another man have sex while Gianni works in the same room

JM: Omg, his ceiling is painted like a church.

TD: It's called a "fresco."

JM: Omg at us teaching each other.

Antonio and Gianni go for a swim

TD: That pool!

JM: Yeah that pool is everything.

TD: You were spot on last week when you talked about the house giving you Hearst Castle vibes.

JM: "You can say it in the morning, but can you say it in the evening?" Please add that to your tinder profile.

TD: Hahahaha

JM: That pool really was everything.

TD: That aerial shot of it was 100% necessary.

TD: Honestly, I think the best part of this show is how extra some things are.

JM: 100%

TD: Except, not Andrew's extravagant-ass stories.

JM: I agree. Gianni and Donatella seem oddly grounded, which is such a juxtaposition to their personas, and their brand. Meanwhile Andrew seems very much the opposite.

TD: I agree! They are very cool-headed about things. Like he (Gianni) handled fake Donatella like a champ.

The night before his death, Gianni and Antonio go to a gay club

JM: I NEED THOSE WINGS (the gold ones on the caged go-go boy) Omg, he's a caged bird!

TD: I also really want Versace's shirt.

JM: Was it mesh?

TD: Maybe? Lace? I can't tell.

JM: Yeah, totally lace.

Andrew goes into the same club as Gianni and Antonio

TD: Why did they let Andrew in with that backpack?

JM: Pre-pulse. Omg too real. Also, pre-9/11.

TD: That's fair.

Gianni and Antonio leave the club, Antonio asks Gianni to marry him (again)

JM: Omg he did say it in the evening!

TD: oooh, yes he did honey!

JM: This is so tragic because I think he gets murdered the next morning. Wow.

Andrew is approached by a guy on the dance floor

JM: I would never approach anyone at a club who is wearing a backpack.

TD: That was such a weird, abrupt ending.

JM: "I'm the person least likely to be forgotten." Kind of brings our conversation full circle though, when we talked about motive earlier.

TD: Absolutely.

Final Thoughts:

Tiana: This episode wasn't as exciting as the first one. But they have to backtrack a little to build the story, so it's understandable. That being said, it still moved a little slow and I have so many questions. Who were Andrew's previous victims? I want to know more about Donatella and Gianni's childhood. What's with the duct tape? What happened to that basic white couple Andrew was friends with?

Jose: I liked this episode. Mainly because I felt like it started to make Andrew's motive more clear: fame, and these delusions of grandeur. It's also shedding some more light on the relationship between Donatella, her brother, and Antonio. During the last episode when Antonio was getting grilled by the cop, it seemed like it was Gianni was the one who was initiating relationships with other men. In this episode, it seemed from Donatella's prospective that Gianni wanted to settle down and be monogamous. Very interesting.