• Jose Alonso Munoz

2018 and beyond...

I'm not alone in thinking 2017 brought about a lot of uncertainty. I felt a multitude of emotions throughout the year.

As I reflect, and try to focus on the good, I can't help but be excited by all of the things I learned about myself this year; all of the things I was able to experience this year. Which brings me to now: 2018. I'm not one to set resolutions, so I won't. What I will do, is give myself permission to make happen the things I've always wanted to make happen. Not just in 2018, but beyond. It starts with this website. Over the course of the next year I'm going to set out to tell as many stories as I possibly can. Stories about others, stories about myself. Anything that keeps me writing.

For a long time I thought of myself as an "aspiring writer." Never truly letting myself feel the power of the stories I could tell. Always needing permission, or validation from someone else. Any external source to give my work meaning. I'm done with that.

Last March, I was on a flight back from D.C. and I talked to the gentleman sitting next to me for a while. We exchanged casual pleasantries, but also, we talked about we we did, what we thought we would be doing, and what we ultimately wanted to be doing. I talked about my writing.

Donald Trump was a few weeks into his presidency, and after having spent the past year bashing immigrants, I was passionate about pursuing a story about how undocumented immigrants living in small towns in Trump Country were faring. For one reason or another, I let that passion die, falling back into the routine of my 9-5.

Then, Harvey Weinstein happened. I listened to the recording of him following a female actor into her hotel room, relentlessly pursuing her. It sent chills down my spine. I struggled to sleep that night as I was putting together all of my own thoughts. When I couldn't take it anymore, around 2 a.m., I took out my phone and started writing about my own experiences, which landed me on the front page of #HuffPostQueer (What Happened When I Reported Workplace Sexual Harassment Is Why People Choose To Stay Silent).

I sent out that piece to a few different publications, and heard back from a separate editor who asked me to pitch to him anytime. Eventually, I did, and am currently working on a piece I hope will be finished and published very soon. Stay tuned. In addition to that, I have two other pieces done and sent out for hopes of publication. Make no mistake, however, if they don't end up published, they'll find a home here.

Over the course of the next year, I hope to be able to document successes as I purse my writing career. I hope to continue to grow the list of pieces I've written and publications I've written for on this website. As for this blog, you'll see anything that doesn't make it somewhere else. Everything from art, culture, fashion, and tv. You might even see a few guest posts.


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